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4 Ways I've Used My Brand Photos This Year

2023 been an amazing year so far. A Good Life Photo Co has completely rebranded to a Personal Branding Photography service for women who lead in their industry as professionals and entrepreneurs. By now we've all established that your personal branding images play a huge role in being seen and connecting with your target audience but there's definitely work to be done after you receive your images from the shoot. They aren't going to post themselves! Checking your brand shoot off the to do list is definitely 'pat yourself on the back' worthy but knowing how to use your images to gain visibility is even more important. Here are 4 ways I've used my brand photos in the first six months of the year.

Social Media Content

For a very long time my social media consisted solely of my work but when I learned how branding works, I learned there was so much more to my brand identity than just my images. Not only did I need to create engaging content, I also needed to establish a consistent and recognizable presence by using by branding images, colors, and my brand voice! Branding images can be used in social media content to make new announcements, check in with your audience, and brand storytelling.

Business Cards

I read on a pinterest post (it's on pinterest so it must be true right?!) that 80% of women who make a six-figure income do it through network marketing. If you really want to connect with your target client, the most authentic way is building in-person connections. Leave a lasting impression by adding a quality brand image on your business card.

My Website

If you're reading this, you're on my brand new and improved sited designed by theee talented Amariel Ross. I'm sure you can tell how happy I was to invest in my brand and have a professional site. I was so excited about my site I did a brand new photoshoot. You'll see my branding images throughout the homepage but most importantly the about me page. Don't be afraid to use images that show your unique personality. Your audience wants to know the real you!

Magazine Features

This year I've made a personal goal to find more opportunities for my brand to be seen. So far in this article we've already covered content marketing and network marketing so let's cover PR marketing. I think when done strategically, media coverage is a very effective way of positioning yourself in front of your target audience. If you're looking to step into PR marketing for your brand, you definitely want to be sure to have impactful images ready to send for magazine features and podcasts. You never know who's subscribed and looking for what you have to offer so always always ALWAYS keep first impressions in mind.

Publication: Siti-Girl Indianapolis

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